Treat Yo Self

I’ve been having a rough time lately. Between stressing over fundraising, stressing over training, stressing over nutrition and weight loss, and stressing over personal stuff, I’m just wound up tight enough to do some incredible collateral damage if I’m not careful. So last week when my tax refunds deposited into my account, I did some responsible stuff with the money, but also took a moment to send myself some gifts from Amazon. Nothing big or super frivolous. Just small treats carefully lifted from my vast array of Amazon wishlists. I took the time to purposely select varying lengths of time for deliveries so that I’d be guaranteed a treat waiting for me every day when I get home.

I have to say…it was a really good plan. Each day I’ve had a little something to look forward to, and I refused to check my e-mail to see what would be there each day, letting my shitty memory assist with the element of surprise.

For your amusement, here’s some of the goodies I’ve received since then…(you can probably sense a self-empowerment theme here…)

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