Keto Week 1, or How I Learned to Hate Deviled Eggs

Do keto, they said.

It’ll be great, they said.

You get to eat lots of cheese and eggs and meat, they said.

If you’d told me a week ago that eating 42 eggs in the span of a week would effectively ruin eggs for me for the rest of eternity, I would have scoffed. How could anyone stop loving the goodness of deviled eggs in all their forms? Surely not!

Well. It’s true. Right now if I never see another egg again, it will be too soon. (and sadly my upcoming week’s menu also has eggs, but FAR LESS – only 14)

The good news is that I survived my first week of keto and weirdly I had no carb cravings, though I suspect those will appear next week once my brain figures out that I’m really really serious about this not-eating-carbs thing. My energy is at a moderate level despite likely being close to glycogen depletion but that’s more likely due to me having enough endorphins to spare every day after my workouts. I’m sure I’ll start to feel the impacts of my diet this coming week as I completely consume all my glycogen and start to switch over to my alternative fuel tank. I’m looking at you, belly.

Bad news is that for seven days I ate three eggs as an omelet for breakfast and another three eggs deviled for snacks. That’s six eggs a day. 42 eggs in total. I officially can’t stand the idea of eggs existing on this planet anymore. Which is unfortunate considering this coming week my breakfast is an egg, sausage, and cheese casserole that actually looks pretty bomb. Maybe it’s just the deviled part that I’ve grown averse to? No clue. All I know is that I actually gagged when trying to eat my last batch of deviled eggs today. I had to do one of those “hold your nose while you swallow” things to get it all down, followed by a HUGE swig of water. I’m feeling urpy just telling you about this.

On the numbers side, I’m down from 218 to 209.6. Betting most of that is water loss of course – it’s too soon for my body to be just burning up all the fats. But like the start of any change in a diet, it’s helpful to see that big jump to get you feeling like you can actually succeed at this. So I’m pleased while not letting it get completely to my head at the same time. Next week will be a little more of a struggle as I will probably only lose a couple of pounds. Eyes on the prize, y’all. Eyes on the prize.

I was supposed to run the Urban Cow 5K this morning but forgot to set my alarm and overslept a bit. I woke up at 7am and the race wasn’t supposed to start until 7:50am but I had a brief conversation with myself about how much did I really want to throw on my close, dash up to Sacramento (30 minute drive), and get there just in time to start? No surprise, I didn’t really want that at all. I’m the person who is always freakishly early for their races because I want to ease into my morning. Getting there at the last second was not the least bit appealing. So I rolled over and went back to sleep for another hour before heading to my parents’ for a few hours. I think my body appreciated the extra sleep. I didn’t even feel guilty about the money I’d wasted on a race I didn’t run.

In two weeks I have the annual Brazen Goonies run. I’d originally registered for the half but after having a serious discussion with myself last month about how prepared I really felt (hint: not very prepared at all), I downgraded to the 10K which is perfect. I want to feel like I’m getting my ass lightly kicked by the course. Downside is I don’t get to partake of that glorious post-race spread that Brazen is known for, including my all-time favorite mint It’s-Its. I’ll probably pack a fat bag of beef jerky in my pack to start snacking on after I finish to help avoid the temptation.

I’m already on the lookout for more races to tack onto my fall and winter calendar. I have the Davis Turkey Trot 5K in my sights for my PR attempt, and then another couple of potential races in mid-December, one a 5 miler and the other a 5K. And then of course I’m pondering the Brazen New Years Eve and New Years Day runs. It’s been a couple of years since I ran either of those and I think it’s high time for me to return. Their 10K course at Lake Chabot is one of the greatest ass-kickings I’ve ever received from a course. Yes, I’m that special kind of sadistic. Trail runners are kind of like that.

I’m doing my best not to turn my eyes too far forward into 2019 because then I’ll start getting myself wound around the axel about all sorts of new goals and I really want to stay focused on the handful I have picked out. Soon enough though I’ll have to think about registering for my Boston Qualifier attempts and that’s daunting enough.

Why have I chosen to put myself through this?

Oh right, because I’m weird.

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