Keto Week 2 : Death to My Bowels, But Hey, We Have a New Doctor!

I’m not gonna lie. I absolutely love this week’s menu, but I don’t think my stomach is very happy with it at all. Currently I’m sitting here just waiting for the signal to hit the bathroom. Again. For probably the tenth time today.

It was like this yesterday too, to a lesser extent. Because why not?

I feel fine when I eat, and even afterward. But within a few hours my body starts its symphony of groans and squeaks and then it’s just a party from there on out. And I still feel fine while all that’s happening. It’s just…not friendly.

I’m also peeing a lot. I mean…A LOT. I noticed at the end of last week that I was starting to pee more frequently despite not really increasing my liquid intake at all. The frequency has intensified throughout the week and now I’m probably peeing about once an hour. My water bill is going to be LIT next month. I’m going to guess this is a side effect of not having all those carbs in my body. The tissues are only holding onto so much water and then the rest is just finding its way downhill as fast as possible. Which is cool – means I’m not going to get bloaty at all. I only worry that I might end up dehydrated? But so far that’s not happened either. I should probably Google all this before I end up with actual issues.

My favorite thing on this week’s menu are these little tiny sausage cheddar balls I get for my afternoon snack. They’re super simple – pork sausage, sharp cheddar, an egg, and parmesan as the binder. The balls themselves are truly tiny – about the size of a large grape. I get three of them per snack but honestly I could eat the entire batch of 21 balls if you let me. They’re THAT tasty. This is coming from someone who in general is not a huge fan of sausage. I’m more of a bacon girl, if you hadn’t noticed. But these sausage cheddar balls could become a new staple for me. I’ll probably buy a huge bunch of sausage and sharp cheddar next week and just make a ton of them to keep in the freezer. The macros on them are perfect for keto, and they taste good hot or cold (as I discovered a couple of days ago when I forgot to microwave them before eating). So they’ll be nice to have on hand as a quick-grab snack in the future.

Scale-wise I’m a little worried that I’m going to see too huge of a drop in weight this week due to my…erm… Not that I will complain, but I’d prefer my weight loss to come the right way rather than the alternative. I’m trying to only step on the scale twice a week – Sundays at home and then Wednesdays right before I meet with my trainer at work. My trainer only wants me to weigh myself once a week but honestly I think having at least two points of data a week is helpful for tracking trends and being able to put a stop to anything (or kickstart something) before it gets out of hand. I wish I’d had the balls to weigh myself more frequently over the summer when I was gaining the weight back. That would have probably at least put me in cessation mode. Hindsight. *sigh*

I’m feeling less stressed today than I have been in a couple months and it’s a very nice feeling. My motivation isn’t fully back up to speed yet but I’m finding it in fits and spurts. Better than nothing? That being said, I am in a weird space right now where I know there’s some things I need to take care of but I also can’t be bothered to do anything about it. Like I’ll walk through the kitchen and go “Oh yeah, dishes need to be handled.” And then I just…don’t. Mind you, we have a fucking dishwasher. It is THAT easy for me to do dishes. Yet…there they sit. My incredibly patient roommate has taken to washing a few by hand each day to just not make it worse. Lord if my mother read this right now, she’d be on the phone in a heartbeat reading me the riot act. Mom, forgive me. You know I didn’t inherit your tidiness gene. I take after dad completely. Stacks are my friend.

13th Doctor Rainbow Shirt

13th Doctor Overcoat

Last night I decided that I deserved a little treat for handling my first two weeks of keto so well. So I snagged these two beauties from Torrid. If you haven’t already gotten your heart completely taken over by Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor Who, FIX IT. You need this in your life. I’m a fan of strong female role models and she’s the newest one we didn’t realize we needed. If you don’t watch Doctor Who at all, I’m not sure what’s wrong with you but you might want to get that looked at ASAP. Some of the best science fiction television out there since Stargate SG-1. Seriously. Get on it.

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