Hello there! My name’s Moxie. Welcome to my site!

I started Rainbow Sole as a way to chronicle my adventures in fitness, nutrition, and all things sparkly and rainbow. I advocate for health and acceptance at any size, regardless of my personal life journey. I’m a big fan of setting your own goals and then smashing the ever-living shit out of them with glee.

I’m a runner, a hiker, a powerlifter, and an all-around smartass at the gym. I love cooking, baking, and doing shit that makes other people happy or possibly causes them to scratch their heads and wonder what’s wrong with me. When I’m not blogging or working out, I’m a perpetual student, an accountant, and in a constant state of trying not to eat all the carbs on the planet.

If you want to contact me directly, you can reach me at myrainbowsole at gmail dot com.

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